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But the Reddit user found the curvy reinventions 'unrealistic', and claimed they don't match the princesses' living conditions.

It is unclear whether Beevers actually intended to make her curvy characters look realistic. On her website, she called her illustrations, which also include reinterpretations of Ursula and Merida, 'curvy interpretations of some cutie princesses'.

Reddit user blasts artist who drew curvy Disney Princesses | Daily Mail Online

Do these people really think a mermaid who swims constantly would be fat? Or a woman living in France before the French Revolution would be fat? Or a Native American girl who constantly runs around and maybe helps to carry heavy things and hunt would be fat? The curvy reinventions are a stark departure from Disney's typical body standards, which have often been slammed as unrealistic and fat-phobic.

Many have also pointed out in the past that bigger characters in Disney movies are often depicted as evil or stupid—something that has been deemed problematic. Other people said the princesses' silhouettes lack realism not because they are curvy, but because of their hourglass shape. Another Reddit user pointed out that depicting a curvier body in pre-revolutionary France might not be completely inaccurate, writing: Veethebunny added in the original comment: They boast about "Oh think of all the little fat girls that look at these skinny princesses and hate themselves!

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I dare you, go and find someone who looks like that,' someone wrote. But with the "realistic" one it's just a reminder that there's always people with more hips and smoother curves, whether they can achieve the cartoon or not, still more. Saturday, Jan 19th 5-Day Forecast. Share this article Share.

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Reddit user blasts artist who drew curvy Disney Princesses

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