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Again, neither knew what to say. Finally, they came to a spot atop the Hokage monument and Naruto ceased walking. Hinata noticed that they were on the Yondaime's head.

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Naruto didn't say anything for sometime. Then, "because I have something I want to talk about with you and I thought privacy would help" he said not looking back at her. Hinata want to cry and scream that it wasn't fair.

Now Naruto did turn around, and looked into her eyes again. Those deep blue eyes of his peirceing her as though looking for truth. Do you remember what it was? Hinata felt tears beginning to pool behind her eyes. Naruto's face wore a genuine smile and even through her tears, Hinata could see a few of his own forming. Hinata continued to cry but now with happiness instead of despair. Minutes passed by and eventually the Hyuga heir's sobs subsided. Pulling away from Hinata, Naruto once again looked into her eyes. Hinata's face began to fall before she replayed his words.

Naruto continued, seeing realization cross her face, "but give me time and I will come to see you the same way. Hinata though disappointed, couldn't help but feel optimistic. A rush of confidence that seemed to materialize out of nowhere, filled the young Hyuga woman. Hinata nodded to Naruto's answer. Now, on a slightly different subject Hinata nodded in the positive. She watched him gulp and giggled.

Hinata looked at him as he grinned again and took her hand. They walked at a slow pace back to the compound. Hinata sighed contently as she finished remembering how it came to pass.

Hinata's Big Date Chapter 1: Ghostly White Eyes, a naruto fanfic | FanFiction

Got to finish getting ready' she thought as she resumed brushing her hair. Hinata looked over at the dress she was going to wear tonight. Well it's about time you idiot. They both came up to this decently sized house. The house was colored tan, and had a a pathway to the entrance to the house.

The path had beautiful cut out limestone which the Konoha Symbol was cut out in a nice pattern. The front yard was medium sized; just the way Naruto liked it. Naruto came up with a great idea! Hinata was beat red. She felt as she would faint at any given time. Naruto opened the door. He was suprised to already see furniture taking space in the living room, dining room, and the kitchen. Hinata trailed off in her imagination. I wish I lived here with Naruto. Every morning I would wake up next to Naruto, and cook him breakfast before he left for a mission or any activities.

Hinata was interupted by the sound of Naruto speaking.

Back in the Chuunin exams, you gave me ointments for my scars I had while facing Kiba. You defended me During Pains Invasion of Konoha. Everything inbetween, I appreciate. Hinata blushed as he continued on. Her heart was pumping fast, she was feeling butterflies in her stomach.

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Hinata couldn't believe this. She was so happy, she was excited. Is this really happening? Am I in a dream?

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This dream is amazing. I hope no one wakes me up yet. She snapped out of her thought, and realized she was not dreaming. She finally was able to go out on a date with Naruto. She was still believeing it was a dream. I would love for you to do that. I cant believe I actually got Hinata on a date with me. She is so beautiful, I can't Imagine my life with out her. She is so gorgeous.

Naruto left the pathway to the Hyuga Complex, where Hinata lived. Naruto had a sudden idea to hold her hand as she walked with her. As he reached for her hand, Hinata saw what he was trying to do. She extended her hand out to his and held his hand. He's Holding my hand! He is really holding my hand! I feel like the happiest girl in he world!

As they came up to her complex, He was feeling sad about having to wait to see Hinata until tomorrow. I also cannot wait for tomorrow! Naruto reached for a kiss. He slowly moved his lips towards her. Hinata was blushing in the darkest of red, and her heart was skipping many beats. As he leaned in, they kissed. Naruto's lips reached Hinata's. At that moment, they both felt inseperateable. Hinata and Naruto kissed very passionately. Naruto caressed her face as he kissed Hinata. Hinata was so happy she almost cried. As they broke off the kiss, Naruto said "Goodnight beautiful, I cannot wait to see you tomorrow.

I will be waiting for you.

After Hinata saw him leave, she ran to her room, and fainted. She was completely unaware that he would do that, but she was happy he did. She loved that, she loved him. Naruto was the man in her dreams. As Naruto left for his house, he began to think about what just happened. She has the perfect body as a woman, She is stunning.

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