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She is the younger sis Add to library Discussion 47 Browse more Romance Realistic. He didn't have a tragic past or anything like that - he was just a seventeen year old boy who wanted Add to library 17, Discussion 2, Browse more Humor Romance. Make her into that girl. And stick with her. It sounds like a lot of work.

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Add to library Discussion Browse more Realistic Romance. Alice Conner is a shy and smart girl. However, she can't stand the player and rebel, Evan Smith, who has been bullying her since elementary school. Now in high school, Evan has cared more about his reputation and decides to take a few steps further into bullying his victim. As much as Alice desp Add to library Discussion 89 Browse more Romance Humor.

Clarice Hunter's life was going as per the plan. With a small group of her three best friends, her perfect grades and her melodious voice. With her life partners being her pillow, bed, fridge and food, she was happy with her life.

The best friends

Prom was something ridiculous for her. She'd rather stay at h Add to library Discussion Browse more Romance Humor. I refused to shrink back from his proximity. Add to library 1, Discussion Browse more Romance. Warmth was the first thing I felt as my eyes closed. His lips brushed against mine very carefully and he held me like I was a porcelain doll. All cliches were true. Fireworks were lit inside my stomach and when he pushed closer, they couldn't help but be lit on fire and burst. Add to library Discussion 54 Browse more Romance Humor. Gabriella Stevens has the worst luck when it comes to love.

I'm a Fool for You

Add to library 58 Discussion 18 Browse more Romance Realistic. He stood there for a long moment, looking at me. He looked very good in this lighting. It was cloudy out and his hazel Add to library 31 Discussion 7 Browse more Humor Romance. Everyone on the hottest reading app Readtastic loves "The Bad Boy, the Genius, and Me" for its swoon-worthy romance scenes and perfect characters.

In just two short months, it's soared to the top of the trending page.

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  • But little do the readers know, the author of this hit story is nothin Add to library 1, Discussion 27 Browse more Fanfiction Romance. Elysium Galileo Adelli was a good woman. She never did anything bad.

    October 23, 2014

    She always wanted to help. She loved her robots. Then, an unsub tried to kill her. Starts just after Elle leaves.

    Dating Mr. Popular *DONE*

    Skip some episodes or go over briefly. Add to library Discussion 59 Browse more Realistic Romance. The popular kids, every school has them. The head jock and head cheerleader are well known for the torture upon the less popular ones, but not in this school. Rebecca Steward is the captain of the cheerleaders. As I reached his desk he looked up at me and slightly frowned.

    Though you are slightly above average. Did you study for this?

    1-:-King of Cool

    Armstrong was a teacher you could be comfortable around whilst still having a great level of authority over you. After class finished, I began packing my things just as a big ruckus sounded at the doorway catching our attention. I looked to see a few members of the basketball team including Jay Dalton. I rolled my eyes and carried on packing my things, Kiko and Georgina were still scanning the boys at the door.

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    Montgomery Kensington was making the most noise which was no surprise, he was a great disturbance. Montgomery has short brown hair along with brown eyes. He would flirt with me sometimes but I tried not to take him seriously since I knew he never was. He never noticed me before, why all of a sudden does he think he can be friendly? She had a bad sleep. See what I mean?

    Why are you always dating the wrong people? My heart thumped against my chest a little more harder at his sudden presence. I could only look at him for a few seconds before looking down. I put that in there! Bye girls, see you around. He leaned in closer while I leaned back, my feet stuck to the ground like glue. He smiled and looked over my face in admiration. It's adorable now that I think about it. He who must not be named. Do you two live together? Do you want me to take you?

    Who are you supposed to be? Where did Cal go? Are we really having this conversation or am I dreaming?

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