700r4 line hookup

Return to Sumner's Home Page. Next Page of R4 info. I am not a transmission repairman. I use a R4 in my truck and have accumulated the following information that might help you. A lot of problems with this transmission after installation are due to improper TV cable hookup and adjustment. I have that info here along with wiring information for the lockup converter. If you are having internal problems with the transmission I'm sorry, but I can't help, so please don't e-mail me about those kind of problems.

You need to talk to a repairman or you might trying posting on Rodder's Roundtable Forum and post the question to Tony board name is Crosley. He works on these transmissions all the time and you can trust his answers. It is very important to set up the Throttle Valve T. I can't stress how important the geometric relationship of the hook up point on the carb for the T. All of these distances and angles will determining where the cable is at close throttle and WOT and all points in between.

If they aren't right it is going to be hard to get the transmission to shift right under all load combinations and you sooner or later you will be fixing the transmission. This is a great transmission.

700R4 Transmission - Check Ball Locations

Take the time to set it up properly and it will last a long time. The following is also very important and will help you adjust the TV cable: I used the info in the pictures below to set up my TV cable linkage on two different carbs and it has been working correctly with no problems with over , miles on the transmission.

700r4 line hookup

When finished one way to test the TV cable linkage setup is to take off in first with normal acceleration and then when the trans does the shift nail it and it should kick back down into 1st. I adjust mine to the point where it wouldn't do the downshift and then back the other way one click at a time with the slider until it will. Make sure pressing the pedal to the floor gives you WOT wide open throttle and the pedal isn't hitting the carpet or something. I am not a transmission expert, builder or anything else so if in doubt check with a good transmission person.

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There wasa large canister type dipstick tube, and helps to add the video! Of course, you can manually shift the transmission at any RPM you desire, but if you want to adjust the automatic WOT up-shifts, this can only be done by modifying the governor. Expect to spend half a day or more on this process.

There are a few other aspects that accompany a conversion to a R4, but these are the main ones that you might consider. Certainly, the biggest benefit to the analog R4 is its affordability. But as we will see when looking into the details of the electronic 4L60E family of transmissions, these newer, digitally controlled versions offer some real rewards.

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  • This brake light switch was originally used as a cruise control interrupter. Using the connectors at the end of the switch, 12 volts is sent to lock up the R4 torque converter when the plunger is pushed in brake pedal not applied - left. The ohmmeter shows continuity.

    The Great Overdrive Debate: Should You Use A 700R4 Or 4L60E?

    Depressing the brake pedal interrupts the volt power and unlocks the converter center. The ohmmeter shows continuity is lost OL - open loop. If a constant volt is sent to the transmission, the converter will remain locked even as the car slows down, unlocking only when the transmission shifts out of overdrive.

    This simple schematic right reveals how the brake light switch works. The far left connectors are normally closed completing the circuit, until the brake pedal is depressed, which interrupts the circuit and unlocks the converter. Illustration by Eric Rosendahl. Shifting over to the 4L60E side, the main advantage of this transmission is that electronics eliminate the need for a TV cable and that whirling dervish of weights and springs to establish shift control. In the case of a retro-fitted 4L60E, a swapper will need the service of a separate transmission controller.

    Here is where both the main advantage and disadvantage of the electronic transmission reside. Separate controllers obviously add significantly to the overall transmission cost. This eliminates the cost of purchasing a stand-alone controller.

    R4 coolant line direction - CorvetteForum - Chevrolet Corvette Forum Discussion

    FiTech also offers a similar control opportunity. The scorched clutches right are what typically fail in a R4 if the TV cable is not adjusted properly. There are distinct rewards for making the 4L60E investment. Most importantly, the controllers make it very easy to establish exact shift points for each up-shift. It will also allow adjustment of shift firmness all within the control of either a simple hand-held device, or in some cases, sophisticated software that can be tuned via a laptop.

    An example would be the ability to set the exact WOT shift points with a couple of keystrokes, instead of struggling for six to eight hours with a recalcitrant governor. But, if the engine is carbureted, this will require adapting a TPS.

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