Yoona lee min ho dating

1. Minho (SHINee) and Changmin (TVXQ!)

Well, at least Lee Min-ho was once somewhat good looking. Well, at least he as a good personality. Suzy and Yoona sure have questionable taste on guys. I find Seung Gi attractive and cute, but he's so damn boring. Get your eyes checked. Personality maybe, It's actually nice that pretty girls like them are looking for more than just a handsome face tbh. Javascript Disabled Detected You currently have javascript disabled.

Why are Suzy and Yoona dating ugly guys? In fact, she looks forward to having a traditional wedding with a "classic ceremony" that will take place "indoors. There is no news about Yoona's current love life. However, when she appeared in Hyori's Homestay 2 , she had cute chemistry with another guest star, Park Bo Gum.

But the show's directors, Jung Hyo Min and Ma Gun Young, quickly shut down these hearsays and said that the series didn't support that kind of concept. Share with Facebook Share with Twitter. Like us and Follow us Follow Koreaportal.

Five K-Pop/K-Drama Couples That Show Lee Min Ho And Suzy How It Might Work : Celebs : KDramaStars

Do not reproduce without permission. Power couple tbh And wow dispatch they now even go overseas.

Lee Min Ho X Yoona 이민호 X 임윤아 [FMV]

Hope they just go head and say they are dating because if they don't this could become pretty ugly especially with Miss A comeback around the corner. Knetz wont let go if the fact that they stayed in the same hotel Lol congrats to them!

And OMG no talk of "levels" or an idol not being good enough for a popular actor! Hallelujah I think maybe North Korea would be willing to talk reunification now. This scandal could derail everything with her virginal image being ruined for her creepy ahjusshi fans and every question directed her way during variety and interviews will be about her relationship.

Not to mention a 7 year age gap between the two I'm not saying it couldn't work, but it's still a little strange If it's true, hope the reveal doesn't make they break up Lmao, I'm pretty sure Lee Minho is this kind of guy who likes sex a lot and this is nothing bad at all. Sex is good, even for your health. And do you really think they'd travel all the way to London to visit the Big Beng and hold hands? They totally fucked, girl.

Dispatch ain't heroes though It's creepy how they followed them to London wtf. So, because you don't believe in sex before marriage, it means they didn't do it? I honestly prefer ride on Choiza than on LMH I find him greasy looking. They obviously had a very heated Scrabble match! Get your minds out of the gutter!!! Is that the only answer I'm going to get? I just asked a question. Then you don't have to have sex before you're married. But it's a bit shitty to judge them for doing something that's natural and hurts no one. I hope Miss A comeback hit big because of this 'scandal' Unfortunate timing, but let's see When I first saw the news The only couple that was outed who didn't want to be outed is IU and Eunhyuk tbh.

Apparently dating a person necessarily mean having sex. I'm pretty sure Suzy knows better than you who she's compatible with. She could be a total asshole secretly, we have no idea.

Is Park Hyung Sik Dating Now? Who is his girlfriend?

I am shocked and don't know how to take it, but anyway i wish them well. Wow let's look at the men Suzy got dating rumor with. Like, both seems to be fuckboys but Choiza have a vibe around him that make me believe that he's decent in the bed. LMH on the other hand give me a vibe that he's out after one round without finishing the job. Woah 3 days in a hotel, must had a lot of free time if you know what I mean. I used to like LMH, but irl I'm generally attracted to older, talented individuals.

And on that front, Choiza's where it's at. Oh please, as if you would sleep in a seperate room if you were to spend 3 days on a rendezvous date with your boyfriend that you barely have time for, in a city you don't live.

12 Idols Who Had The Most Awkward Dating Rumors

You can say people can sleep in the same room and not have sex but to stay in different rooms is absurd. I wouldnt call a hybrid between kris jenner and bruce really fine but thats just my opinion. I cant believe jyp and sm decided to working together for miss a comeback concept!!!

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Now I can't state my own opinion? Yes, she is Bae Suzy. Omg I didn't see this coming! Good catch for the both of them. Why you dont reveal who's idol J in yesterday accident too, dispatch? And why i feel like they drop this news to cover that accident since idol J is from powerful company so the company tell dispatch to release this newn now Miss A also will have a comeback soon Dispacth usually give us teaser too before revealing big dating news.. WTF its normal to have sex after 2 months of dating!! Even if they stayed in separate rooms netizens will not let the fact go they spent 3 days in the same hotel.

Her pure image is ruined but she's still pretty and popular so this isn't abig deal. Share to Twitter Share to Facebook. Newer Post Older Post Home. NoonaLovesKookie March 22, at Bevy March 22, at Risingtides March 22, at Ravyn J March 22, at Lord Bendtner March 22, at

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