13 year old dating 17 year old illegal

Those aged 13 and under cannot give consent. Doing anything sexual with someone under 13 is automatically an offence, whatever the young person says. The law recognises that young people aged 13 to 16 might be physically able to have sex but are not allowed to.

Louisiana Age of Consent Lawyers

This is because the law judges that young people cannot make informed decisions about sex, both physically and emotionally, even if they are physically able to have sex. The age of consent also exists to protect young people from being sexually exploited or abused by older people.

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To Tell U honestly, in india Police ir against Dating nomatter u are adult or not In some cases Police hav even apprehended Couples who were later turned out 2 b a married couple So U can guess it is illegal It depends upon the country jurisdiction. Most Western nations would not permit a 13 year old to engage in sexual relations with a 17 year old, because the 13 year old is below the age of consent the age at which the law recognises that a person has the ability to decide on whether or not to have sex.

13 year old daughter dating 17 year old boy Help!! | The Imperfect Mum

Remember, some jurisdictions are so serious that they would put a 17 year old behind bars and anything could happen to him in prison. They both have to be under 16 or older than 16, and then its if they're over 18 they cant date also. Depends on what state.

What Is The Age Of Consent?

Laws very from state to state. I would say it isn't right. And no one under legal consent age can have a sexual relationship. I believe in Illinois, where I am from, the give a 4 year age difference lenience, as long as the parents have consented to the relationship and not voiced any concerns. The parents can also press statutory rape charges against the 17 or 18 yr old also.


It's legal for now, but won't be once he's And her parents need to crack the whip. Related Questions Is this legal? He reported the guy to the police who took it seriously. IMO a 13 yo is way too young to be dating a 17 yo. He could be charged with child abuse if it goes further. I'd ground her for her own safety. This was me similar rules everything we still managed to have sex alot. I know have a 14 year old daughter and she is not allowed boys over she does not go out by herself very often at all her phone and fb arw checked by me daily and if i suspect tampering with messages she loses fb and her phone.

I migh seem like im smothering my daughter but ahe doesn't mind following the rules as they have always been their. If i was you i would probly restrict outside activities and take her phone from her chamge her number and get rid of the boyfriend.

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  • You need to hold ur ground ur the parent and she needs to learn about healthy boundaries in a relationship so maybe get a health care plan put in place so she can get some couselling. Good luck from one mother to another. This was me, except he was older than I wish to God my mother had stepped in, but But she never stepped in, or half heartedly did, and you know what?

    Since she pretty much did nothing, off I went and did what I wanted.

    Depending on what sort of relationship you have with her, I say step in, and step in wholeheartedly. If you can't talk to her, take her to someone who can. I have sooooo, soo many regrets from that age and I wish to God I'd had a different set of parents.

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    As far as I was concerned if she didn't stop me then she didn't give a shit about what I did. Does she have positive male attention from father type figures in her life? Whats she searching for? Why is she charging so fast into adulthood? Id knock this on the head quick smart but be mindful it might happen again.

    Is it legal for a 13 year old to date a 17 year old?

    There are underlying issues I'd say. My sister started dating at 13, he was No actual full sexual experience but he managed her life, got her to quit school after year 10 and get a dead end job so they could marry when she was My parents planted the foot at that stage and broke it up.

    She married someone else at 20 and never developedvto independant adulthood.

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