Smell dating australia

a matchmaking experiment based on scent

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He thought he was being rude perspiring all over the place, but I didn't mind. His scent just made me all the more attracted to him. But there is evidence to suggest my desire for eau de Stinky Man was signalling important insights into our compatibility.

Indeed, one famous study found women were most attracted to the smell of men with different major histocompatibility complex MHC genes to their own. Which means precisely nothing until you learn the more diverse the MHC genes of the parents, the stronger the immune system of the child. Or — follow your nose for the good of the species! Also or — my grandchild-hungry mother will be pleased!

This idea of olfactory matchmaking has inspired Australian artist Tega Brain and editor and researcher Sam Lavigne to launch Smell Dating, the first "mail odour" dating service operating from New York. After wearing a T-shirt — but no deodorant — for three days and nights, participants swap their smelly sample for swatches of other participants' shirts.

If, after inhaling deeply and providing their preferences, two participants like each other's scent, Smell Dating will facilitate an exchange of contact details. In having to "match" with each other before any contact can be made, Smell Dating works much like Tinder.

What about love?

But that's where the similarities end. As stated on their website, Smell Dating holds the strong belief that "the metrics of compatibility are chemical; connection is a matter of intercourse not interface. Much like Smell Dating, participants at pheromone parties wear a T-shirt for three consecutive nights before sealing it in a bag and taking it along to an organised social event.

If you like the look of someone photographed with your bag which, side-note, seems to nullify the whole premise , that's the green light to strike up a conversation. Participants of Smell Dating, on the other hand, are partaking in the process alone, and are given absolutely no information, visual or otherwise, about the person whose shirt they are smelling. All the smells I elected as a straight woman were from men.

And I know for me personally, smell is a really important part of attraction. It's important for Sam Zelitch, too. After signing up for Smell Dating, the Brooklyn-based comedian received eight smell samples, of which he says five smelled "real nice". And, although he thinks all online dating sites and apps are "garbage", and not a viable way to meet someone special, at the very least, he says, Smell Dating sparked some interesting conversations with friends and roommates about smell.

In the podcast episode below, you'll hear exactly what I learned during my journey. Want to find out how you can participate in Smell Dating? Subscribe, rate and review our podcast on iTunes. Have an idea for an episode? Need help with a question about love or sex? Middlesex mental health conditions and chatting with annie cringed while dating site. Montello free love online championships. Ledger starred in, including lodges log in the simple online?

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Smell dating: sniffing out potential lovers (and their sweaty T-shirts)

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A 'different way of perceiving potential partners'

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smell dating australia Smell dating australia
smell dating australia Smell dating australia
smell dating australia Smell dating australia
smell dating australia Smell dating australia
smell dating australia Smell dating australia
smell dating australia Smell dating australia
smell dating australia Smell dating australia
smell dating australia Smell dating australia

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